June 7, 2017

Outlook Auto Shade

The sun is out, great but it keeps getting in babies face no matter what way you fix your standard sun blind, baby is crying & your distracted, it’s a recipe for disaster. Well worry no more, we’ve just got stock of the Outlook Auto Shade to keep the sun off baby’s face in the car & help keep baby cool. The clever design fits like a sock, covering the entire rear window, and filters 90% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Children can still view the world through the clever mesh and windows can also be opened or closed, even with the shade in place, letting the fresh air in and keeping the insects out!

We feel it’s a practical essential item for parents, yes it’s three times the price of the standard sun blind (which doesn’t cover the complete window & always has us in fear of falling onto baby) but well worth it for the comfort you & your little one get from using it. Its made of durable long lasting fabric & available in single or double packs.

Auto-shade is available in two shapes for rectangular or curved windows.