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Baby Elegance Cúpla Duo 2 In 1 Pushchair – Forest Green


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The Cùpla Duo Pushchair includes 1 x Pushchair/carry cot, 1 x Newborn insert & 1 x Raincover

With the Cupla Duo we like to think we have removed limitations when it comes to your and your babies needs. We listened to the needs of our customers and designed a system that is completely adaptable weather your having one baby, two or even adding an addition to the family at a later stage. The system is fully adaptable…

1 in stock


The  Cúpla Duo seat is designed to go rear facing, forward facing and even converts to a carry cot for a healthy sleep position for your baby.

Newborn Insert 

Included with your pushchair/ carry cot you will receive a reversible newborn insert to help create a comfortable and secure place for baby to rest in when out and about.

Forward, rearward & carry cot seat

Our included toddler seat is designed to grow with your baby. Your toddler can sit forwards, backwards, completely upright, carry cot mode and anywhere in between.

X-large Basket

With one child you will have a lot of stuff that you need with you on the go so with two you need loads of room for bits and bobs. This is why we have designed the Cupla Duo to boast an extra large basket. This is also where you will find your handy wheel pump in its little pocket to help keep your wheels pumped on the go. Basket approved up to 5 kg.

Shock-absorbing front & rear suspension

Independent shocks ensure your child has a smooth and comfortable journey no matter what the terrain. Each of the front wheels come are fitted with 2 shocks while the rear air wheels absorb the terrain and can be easily regulated to suit your trip. The handy pump included means you can pump them back up when needed.

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