Healthcare is a world leading anti bacterial, anti allergy and anti insect technology. We have taken this technology and combined it with high tensile individually coiled springs to create the most luxurious mattress for your baby. Dustmites are the main cause of allergies but they can not live in our Healthcare Pocket Spring Mattress. We have used layers of Healthcare Fibre, Foam and Pocket Springs to create this luxurious mattress. 

See all the features below of the Healthcare Pocket Spring Mattresses: 

  • High Tensile individually coiled springs mean no matter how much your baby moves around the mattress will always return to its original form. 
  • Layers of Healthcare Fibre prevent your baby from developing allergies. 
  • Layers of Ultra Fresh Foam gives the mattress a lovely comfort while remaining firm. 
  • Dustmites can not live within the fibre of this mattress. 
  • Prevents your baby from developing allergies. 
  • Fully Breathable and air permeable 
  • Long Lasting 
  • Two Covers an inner polypropylene cover and a quilted outer cover 
  • Covers are fully removable and washable
  • Cot Bed Size: 70cm x 140cm