The Chicco Good Night Stars Baby Light Projector is the ideal addition to any nursery. The soothing music and accompanying colourful light display will create the perfect atmosphere to promote sleep, helping your baby to drift off in no time at all.

The six minute display projects colourful stars around the room and onto the ceiling, creating a magical spectacle for your baby to enjoy. The projector can also be operated separately as a nightlight, working as an aid to reassure your little one when falling asleep. 

You can pick from a range of melodies including New Age classical melodies from both Bach and Rossini, providing a perfect introduction into music for your little one. Alternatively, acoustics from the rainforest along with other sounds from nature combine to create a calm and relaxing musical loop.

The soft, cute character is detachable from the device and can be used as bedtime companion for your child.

Lightweight and battery-operated, the Good Night Stars Baby Light Projector can travel with you easily wherever you go.

The Good Night Stars Baby Night Light Projector is available in both pink and blue