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Clevamama Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheets for Moses & Pram - melange grey




Designed to fit ClevaMama® mattresses, these moses basket/pram fitted sheets have an extra deep skirt to stretch and fit perfectly to any standard size mattress for moses basket and pram. These elastic sheets are made from beautifully soft jersey cotton. The twin pack means you always have one ready for a quick change.

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Clevamama fresh cotton sheets are machine washable (40°) and tumble dryer safe and do not need to be ironed. Like all ClevaMama products, quality is at the heart of every product they make and these sheets are no different.  They are designed to help your little one be more comfortable in any season, helping to ensure everyone gets a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

The fitted sheets for moses basket or pram measure 33x 72 x 9 cm with 360° elastic for safe, secure fitting.

Clevamama Cotton Fitted Sheets are:

  • Luxurious moses basket and pram sheets: Super soft 100% jersey cotton sheets that are gentle and kind to your baby’s skin
  • Deep Elastic skirts: with 360° elastic flap for secure fitting and stretching perfectly on mattresses for moses basket or pram
  • 4 Classic colours available: 2 pack of fitted sheets (light/dark variations) for moses basket/pram in grey, blue, pink coral or white cotton, unisex, for boys and girls
  • Standard sizes 33 (w) x 72 (l) x 9 (d) cm: our sheets are suitable for bedside cot, bassinet, cradle, and baby’s cot mattresses
  • Easy to keep clean: Fresh cotton sheets machine washable (40°) and tumble dryer safe for a restful night’s sleep in any season

Our Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheets for Moses Basket/Pram are also available in other sizes.

Climate Positive

ClevaMama are ‘growing’ their product line to include more sustainable fibers, more certified green products and more socially responsible manufacturing practices, with lots more to come! Their Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheets are made from 100% soft and natural cotton, guaranteed to be gentle and absorbent on your little one’s delicate skin.
As part of their journey to Climate Positive, ClevaMama are choosing sustainable fabrics to use in their products. Cotton is a renewable resource and is fully biodegradable.