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Cosatto All in All Rotate 0+/1/2/3 ISOFIX Car Seat - Fika Forest




Wondering which car seat does it all? The All in All Rotate 0 /1/2/3 ISOFIX car seat from Cosatto is here. With ISOFIX fitting options and suitable throughout all stages up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old), the All in All Rotate comes with all the great features of the All in All including side impact protection as well as an excellent rotate feature for easy access.

Top Features:

1. Extended Rear Facing.

2. Easy Access Rotation.

3. Multi-Fit.

4. Extra Security.

5. Comfy and Easy

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All in All Rotate 5 Reasons to Buy

1. Extended Rear Facing. The All in All Rotate is ISOFIX from 0 and includes Extended Rear Facing (ERF). Scientifically proven it’s safer to travel rearward for longer, our All in All Rotate ERF mode is suitable up to 18kg (approx. 4 years old) for excellent value and safety.

2. Easy Access Rotation. All in All Rotate can be rotated to side-facing for easy access from a car door with the simple push of a button. No more stretching and leaning in when lifting baby out or when doing up the harness. All in All Rotate locks easily into the position you need.

3. Multi-Fit. The All in All Rotate is suitable for a wide variety of cars whether they have ISOFIX points or not. Rearward-facing up to 18kg (approx. 4 years old) and forward-facing up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old). The ISOFIT feature covers group 2 and 3 (15 – 36kg).
ISOFIX for Group 0 /1, Belt or ISOFIT for Group 2/3.

4. Extra Security. With exclusive 5 point plus Anti-Escape system and an adjustable flip-out side impact protection system, plus even more padding, All in All brings added in-car safety.

5. Comfy and Easy. An easily adjustable harness and recline lock indicator are just two new features we’ve added to improve the comfort and ease of your All in All Rotate experience. The seat can be rotated to side facing for easy access from a car door. No more stretching and leaning in when lifting baby out or doing up the harness. All in All Rotate then locks into position either forward or rear facing when you’re on the move. Plus, with one hand easy-adjust, even more recline options and a smaller design for easier transportation, All in All Rotate has you covered.

Safety Warning

Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.
Always be sure that your car seat and base are fitted correctly and are compatible with your child and car. Always refer to your instruction manual.
Fit matters. See the Cosatto Car Seat Fit Checker
Try to keep journeys for newborn babies up to 4 weeks old no longer than 30 minutes, and for older babies no longer than 2 hours. It is good for your baby to lie flat for most of the day, so if you do need to make a longer trip ensure that you take regular breaks to allow your little one to stretch out for a while away from their car seat