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DreamBaby Adhesive Double-Locks (2pack)




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Dreambaby F147 Adhesive Double Locks 2 pack comes with its own adhesive tape and is quite easy to install. You can install them in any room which may pose a risk to your munchkin. No screws are required and these adhesive locks can be applied to any surface effortlessly. It is a tested and completely reliable dual locking system that prevents the drawers and cupboards from closing or opening completely, thus denying access.

The Dreambaby F147 Adhesive Double Locks 2 pack can be easily opened by the adults only. What’s more, the adhesive is suitable for any type of surface may it be a laminate, wood or any other one. The brand Dreambaby is associated with providing child proofing solutions and has been used by many across the globe.


  • Easy installation
  • Requires no screws
  • Adhesive easy to fix on any surface
  • Prevents sudden opening or closing of cupboards or drawers.
  • Pack of 2 adhesive double locks