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Fisher-Price Dino Potty




Everybody’s gotta learn, and the Fisher-Price Dino Potty helps the training process along with a cool potty pal. Its friendly face and easy-grasp handles help toddlers feel more comfortable and secure as they do their business, while the built-in splash guard and removable bowl helps keep cleanup quick and easy.

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When your toddler is roarin’ to go, the Fisher-Price Dino Potty’s got ’em covered! Where development comes into play™ Gross Motor: As little ones independently lower themselves onto the potty (and get back up again!), they’ll develop balance & coordination. Self-Identity: Every successful visit to their potty pal helps build up your toddler’s self-confidence! Security & Happiness: The low seat and easy-grasp handles help toddlers feel secure and grounded as they sit on the potty and are introduced to the potty routine.

  • Friendly dino face encourages toddlers to sit & potty-train
  • Easy-to-clean, removable bucket
  • Easy-grasp handles help toddlers secure themselves
  • Built-in splash guard for boys
  • Handle on back for easy grab & go