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Smoby Baby Bath Seat




Bathing your baby is a special time for bonding, but it can also be a tricky business. A wriggly newborn, bubbles and soap can spell chaos, especially if you’re bathing more than one child at a time. A bath seat may be just what you need, this Smoby Baby Bath Seat offers a practical & fun solution.

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Your baby can be sit comfortably in the Smoby Baby Bath Seat. You can wash them safely while they plays in the water! To do this, simply attach the seat to a smooth surface using the included suction cups. The baby will love to play with the tray with several fun activities: 1 whale nozzle, 1 paddle wheel, 1 water flower and 1 cup. They can develop their curiosity and coordination; all under your close supervision!

Once the bath is over, you can easily remove the child from the seat thanks to the double-action button system that allows you to slide the tray out. You can then easily remove the seat from the bathtub thanks to the suction cup release system. This easy to use Smoby Baby Bath Seat, will quickly become an essential in your daily parent life!


  • The active table has a flower with a strainer, through which you can pour water into the reservoir “boat” with a rotating mill.
  • An interesting set of colours and shapes develops tactile and visual stimuli and stimulates the child to experiment.
  • A set of toys on the table in front of the toddler develops manual skills and your child’s imagination: a flower-shaped sieve from which water pours creating a shower over the figure, a cup for scooping and pouring water, a gushing rubber fish
  • The active water table seat will give your little one a safe and fun bath.
  • Legs with suction cups hold the seat stably in the bath.
  • The back of the backrest indicates the level to which you can pour water into the tub.

Age range: from 6 months
Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 25 (cm)
Material: child-safe plastic