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Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini®




The Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini®  is an ultra-soft activity mat designed with high-quality fabrics and premium materials. Explore & discover in an arctic wonderland!

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  • PROMOTES BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: A diverse collection of activities and cute toys that promote babies’ developmental wonders, encouraging motor skills, cognition, imagination and more.
  • AUDIO AND VISUAL STIMULATION: 2 fun responsive electronic toys – including a cute musical husky that promotes the understanding of cause & effect and pretty lights snowflake – provide a fun and stimulating auditory and visual experience.
  • STYLISH & ADORABLE: Cozy, soft rich-textured baby gym designed with charming arctic theme, elegant color palette, premium materials and high quality fabrics that look beautiful in any home.
  • COZY PLAYING ENVIRONMENT: Adjustable arches and elevated ultra-padded borders make for a diverse and secure playing environment.
  • Part of the Polar Wonders™ Collection – encouraging babies to explore & discover in an Arctic wonderland.


0-6 months

The gym’s colors and soft textures stimulate baby’s senses from the very first days. Use the special penguin tummy time pillow and textured seal mirror to help baby stay a little longer in the tummy time position.


6 months

As babies grow, they will learn to activate the musical husky toy and fun snowflake to enjoy the fund lights & music feedback. Let baby explore these toys to help in the process of grasping the idea of cause and effect.