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Tiny Love Tiny Growers Carrot Rainstick and Strawberry Rattle




Place Tiny Love Tiny Growers Rainstick or Strawberry Rattle at various angles around baby (on the tummy, back or side) ,to encourage stretching limbs and reaching out. This helps prepare baby for crawling and the other gross motor skills ahead.

  • Leaf teether
  • Easy-grip spiral structure
  • Playful beads
  • Easy to take along wherever baby goes, in and out of the house

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Compelling Sensory Stimulation: Playful beads, teething leaves and the spiral grip stimulate babies’ auditory, visual and tactile senses.

Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills: The soft spiral grip, which is especially easy to hold, develops babies’ fine motor skills and encourages them to reach out and stretch limbs, supporting gross motor skills.

Encourages Exploration: Teether encourages babies to explore textures with their mouth, which is the primary organ for exploration in young babies.